Warehouse and Distribution

Sevenseas provides warehousing and distribution centres for companies who need for a high-performance, yet flexible infrastructure. Through shared logistics capabilities, customers can gain the benefits from customizable services. Sevenseas offers real-time access to inventory status using simple, intuitive methods in managing customer inventory. The state of the art system of Sevenseas provides barcode scanning, compliance labelling, space optimization and value-added support services.

Sevenseas offers a wide variety of warehousing, distribution, and value-added services designed to speed up supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively. Thanks to high-quality efficiency and experience of Sevenseas the total cost of Warehousing and Distribution is reduced to half. Clients can focus their time and money on what really matters, instead of worrying on logistics.

Skilled logistics professionals of Sevenseas use owned/controlled assets and resources to create solutions that significantly reduce transportation, warehousing & distribution and inventory costs.

Services in the area of warehouse and distribution include:

  • Integrated Warehousing & Distribution System.
  • Wide Area Distribution Network.
  • E-Commerce Order Processing.