Customs Clearance

Sevenseas provides Customs Clearance services for import and export consignments at all major airports and seaports.

Sevenseas Customs Clearance services include:

  • Sevenseas Customs Clearance Licence is wide-spread to most major Air/Sea ports of India.
  • Highly experienced and qualified personnel of Sevenseas enjoy a good rapport at all the respective customs clearance centers.
  • Expertise in SEZ , EOU, STP, and EHTP Clearances.
  • Timely delivery of post-clearance documents.
  • Expertise in handling project shipments, second hand machinery and ATA Carnet (Exhibition Cargo Clearance).

Every Sevenseas branch has a team of clearance personnel who work according to customer requirements. All services are managed by experienced personnel who can handle various sorts of technicalities. Sevenseas believe that Customs Clearance is one of the important services that should be held in high regard.