Infrastructure & CRM

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure plays a pivotal role in allocating the services of Sevenseas to all its customers and overseas partners. IT Infrastructure of Sevenseas establishes a set of service platforms customized to suit the requirements of trade and players involved.
The IT team of Sevenseas strives to build a platform based on technicality and convenience, which creates an output in-line with the requirements of its customers, overseas partners and vendors. The team even offers after-hours services and also has a well-established remote customer service for any kind of emergency scenarios.


The CRM enables overseas agents to view the current shipment status, invoices, outstanding payments and others on a real-time basis, scan and attach the export documents in customers’ and Overseas agent’s safe logins on the web.
CRM provides its customers and overseas agents with a secure login to enter their assigned accounts and download the documents. The CRM saves a lot of time and removes the dependency on mailers and documentations. CRM offers access to overseas associates and customers to view shipment status, invoices, outstanding payment details, scan and attach export documents, store documents, retrieve old documents as and when required, upload and download pre-alerts and E- documents. IT services by Sevenseas is majorly focussed on Customer Alignment & Demand Management, which is fueled by the requirements of its trade partners and customers. Sevenseas believes that IT Infrastructure is the biggest technical integrator which propels an organization towards a systematic growth progress.