Inland Transport

Inland Transport is supported by a fleet of trailers and trucks. Considering the importance of providing top-quality transport services to customers, Sevenseas owns fleet of trailers and trucks that cater to all types of customers, be it big or small. The fleet also includes pick-up vans with capacities ranging from two-to-four tons. Since the fleet is self-owned, it provides Sevenseas a better control on the services. Transport services are used by export customers who require their shipments to be picked up from warehouse to air/sea ports, and also by import customers who seek to deliver shipments to their doorstep.

Added to this, Sevenseas organizes domestic movements as a value-added service that caters specifically to the needs of the domestic market. Overall, Inland Transport helps to organize the door-to-door delivery option in a professional manner, suited to their varied business needs.