Project Movements

Sevenseas provides a specialized product namely Project Movements which caters customers with one time, regular bulk movements of huge plant and machineries and oversized cargo of automotives.

Sevenseas works on project movements with a clear understanding of the nature of movement and the third parties involved. All documentary backups required are studied and then discussed with the Carriers & Liners and Sevenseas Overseas Associates on the service implications.

Sevenseas Project Movement portfolio is based on the following lines:

  • Experience of handling project of small, medium and corporate entities.
  • Special team to secure approvals from government agencies, to move dimension cargo via Road, Barge, and so on.
  • Good contract rates for Break Bulk Cargo, Flat Rack Containers and so on.
  • Complete factory shifting or Major plant erections.
  • Engineering consultant to assist and design the movement of heavy machinery.
  • Vessel chartering & Break Bulk space buying.
  • Special low bed, semi low bed, high weight cargo trucks.