Domestic Express Distribution (Metro Express)

Domestic Express Distribution is a new initiative under Inland Transport, which is basically a comprehensive delivery system connecting metro cities across India.

Sevenseas’s study of the market and discussions with its customers and experts accounts that there is a serious dearth of well-managed professional companies for the movement of domestic cargo on a timely basis across Indian cities. With adequate expertise, network of offices and success in the International logistics, Sevenseas feels that now is the right time to get into Domestic Express Distribution by introducing a local network of express delivery along with warehousing and distribution. This enables Sevenseas to cater to the needs of customers by providing quality domestic delivery and distribution services at par with international standards.

Domestic Express Distribution, as a division of Sevenseas, will add a new dimension to the domestic distribution arena. To begin this new venture, Sevenseas has established a daily express delivery route between Bangalore and Chennai, through its own fleet of pick-up vehicles and containerized trucks. Sevenseas will subsequently introduce other routes between other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi and so on.

The salient features of Domestic Express Distribution can be listed as:

  • Fastest Transit Time - Lightning express delivery schedule - Delivery within 24 hours of pick-up.
  • Weather-proof containerized vehicles for pick-up and delivery.
  • Multimodal Freight Services with customizable solutions.
  • Tracking and Tracing facility with 24/7 customer service.
  • Dedicated and well-experienced staff.
  • Additional Services like, DOD, FOD, COD and others.